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Breakfast Prep for on the Go!

On the move..... Arnt we all!

Saying goes, Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but if your mornings are anything like ours, it can get hectic! Studies show more than half of us Aussies skip Breakfast!! (Coffees breakfast, right?)

Morning school rush, meetings, shift workers, gym junkies, not to mention Traffic! We are all just really just trying to get through that daily grind! Often just finding it easier to skip this meal, I came across this Muesli recipe about 18 months ago, and its now our go too! Its something I take the time out to prep, so its always on hand. And replenish these ingredients as soon as they get low. Its nourishing, filling and packed full of Fibre, so will keep you full for some time. Its part of the SIRT food diet I did a couple of years ago, which focus's on shredding fat and maintaining muscle. I grab this on my early mornings I do shift work, and also eat it on the bus as I get to my office Job, it's my one thing I now look forward too, …

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